LAST UPDATED ON October 23, 2023

ARKANSAS ARID License No. 3002462817

Springdale - DHI Title Agency 

ALABAMA ALDOI License No. 668397

Birmingham - DHI Title of Alabama, Inc.
Baldwin - DHI Title of Alabama, Inc.
Mobile County - DHI Title of Alabama, Inc.
Huntsville - DHI Title of Alabama, Inc.

ARIZONA AZDOI License No. 1800000549/ AZDFI License No. EA-0018741

Glendale - DHI Title Agency - Arrowhead - AZDFI license No. EABR-0900847
Phoenix Main - DHI Title Agency - Main Office - AZDFI License No.  EABR-0118744
Phoenix Scottsdale - DHI Title Agency - Scottsdale - AZDFI License No. EABR-0901690
Chandler - DHI Title Agency - Chandler - AZDFI License No. EABR-0124611

COLORADO CDI License No. 626483

Denver North - DHI Title Agency
Denver South - DHI Title Agency

DELAWARE DID License No. 3001324577

Virginia - DHI Title Agency

FLORIDA FDFS License No. A072140

Fort Myers - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
Jacksonville - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
Melbourne - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
Orlando East - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
Orlando West - DHI Title of Florida, Inc. 
Panama City - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
Pensacola - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
South East Florida - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
Tallahassee - DHI Title of Florida, Inc.
Tampa North - DHI Title of Florida, Inc. 
Tampa South - DHI Title of Florida, Inc. 
West Central Florida - DHI Title of Florida, Inc. 

GEORGIA GID License No. 162142

DHI Title of Georgia 

ILLINOIS - Registered with Fidelity and First American

Chicago - DHI Title Agency

INDIANA IDI License No. 3622241

DHI Title Agency

LOUISIANA LDI License No. 1005444

Baton Rouge - DHI Title of Louisiana, Inc.
Lafayette - DHI Title of Louisiana, Inc. 
Slidell - DHI Title of Louisiana, Inc.

MARYLAND MIA License No. 3001424996

DHI Title Agency

MINNESOTA MDC License No. 40658641

Lakeville - DHI Title Agency

MISSISSIPPI MID License No. 15029648

Biloxi - DHI Title of Mississippi

MISSISSIPPI MID License No 15047213

Memphis – DHI Title of Florida

NEVADA NDI License No. 18742

Las Vegas - DHI Title of Nevada, Inc.
Reno - DHI Title of Nevada, Inc.

NEW JERSEY DOBI License No. 3001885094

Mount Laurel - DHI Title Agency

NEW MEXICO NMOSI License No. 3000163409/ NMFID License No. 00141

Albuquerque - DHI Title of New Mexico

NORTH CAROLINA NCDOI License No. 1000522621

DHI Title Agency

OKLAHOMA OID License No. 3002394958

Oklahoma City - DHI Title Agency
Tulsa - DHI Title Agency

PENNSYLVANIA PID License No. 992691

DHI Escrow Agency, Inc.

SOUTH CAROLINA SCDOI License No. 1901243269

DHI Title of South Carolina

TENNESSEE DCI License No. 3002633929

Memphis – DHI Title Agency
Nashville – DHI Title Agency

TENNESSEE DCI License No. 3002808282

Huntsville, AL – DHI Title of Florida, Inc.

TEXAS TDI License No. 1877175

Austin - DHI Title Agency
Beaumont – DHI Title Agency
Coastal Bend – DHI Title Agency
College Station - DHI Title Agency
DFW Central - DHI Title Agency
DFW East - DHI Title Agency 
Fort Worth - DHI Agency
Frisco - DHI Title Agency
Houston North - DHI Title Agency
Houston North – Dayton DHI Title Agency
Houston South - DHI Title Agency
Midland - DHI Title Agency
San Antonio - DHI Title Agency
San Marcos - DHI Title Agency
Temple - DHI Title Agency

UTAH UID License No. 861741

Salt Lake City - DHI Title Agency

VIRGINIA VBOI License No. 146581

Tysons Corner - DHI Title Agency

WASHINGTON WAOIC License No. 1129403

Seattle - DHI Title Agency
Spokane - DHI Title Agency 

WEST VIRGINA OIC License No. 3001321045

DHI Title Agency


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