Wire Fraud Prevention

BEWARE of any attempts asking you to submit personal information or wire funds.

ALTA - Protect your money

The DHI Title Secure Portal is the only source used to send wire and disbursements instructions. Any other request is to be considered a FRAUDULENT ATTEMPT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY.

Steps to follow to protect your interests:

  1. Pick up the phone

    • If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call your DHI Title representative via verified phone number from DHI Title website or business card.
    • Do not call the phone number referenced on any suspicious mail.
  2. Be suspicious of unfamiliar requests

    • Random email or text? Follow your instincts; do not respond. All DHI Title domain names will end with the following: janedoe@dhititle.com and/or janedoe@drhorton.com
  3. Confirm the facts

    • Ask your bank to confirm the account number and name before sending a wire. DHI Title does not change the wiring instructions and will send via secure portal only.
  4. Validate immediately

    • Contact your DHI Title representative to confirm funds were received.
  5. Victim of fraud?

    • Immediately call your bank to cancel all transactions regarding this matter. Report an internet crime to: http://ic3.gov or call your regional FBI and/or local police.

PLEASE NOTE: We should not need additional information from you after closing, but if we do, we would call you first and always use a secure portal. We would never ask you to text or email personal information. Feel free to forward such communications, if they occur, as we investigate fraudulent attempts.
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