What you will need

What you may need*

*Please note that DHI Title is not a lender, and that requirements for getting a loan may vary depending on a number of factors, including the lender you choose and the loan type. The following information is for educational purposes only.Below is a general list of documents that your lender may request in connection with your mortgage loan application. Your lender will let you know which specific documents you need to submit, which may include some documents that are not listed below.
  • Photo Identification and Social Security Card
  • List of Home Address for the past two years
  • Employer information for the past 2 years
  • Phone numbers and addresses
  • Current income information
    • Monthly Salary
    • Wage
    • Any additional income
  • Most current year to date (YTD) paycheck stub
  • W2's for the past 2 years
  • Loan information on all other real estate that you own
    • Addresses
    • Lender information
    • Balances and payoff amounts
  • On all open-end loans
    • Lender information
    • Account numbers
    • Balances
    • Payment amounts
  • Credit card information
  • Checking and savings account information
    • Banks' names
    • Account numbers
    • Addresses
    • Balances
    • Last 3 month's bank statements
  • List of the estimated value of all personal property
  • Divorce and bankruptcy information, if applicable (full divorce decree if divorced)
  • Veteran's Administration (Certificate of Eligibility and DD214's)
  • A check or money order for miscellaneous reports or fees
  • If self-employed - See your loan officer for requirements
  • Copy of purchase contract with all addendums and listing sheet
  • Requirements will vary depending on loan type
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